Dressing up for a Night in Manhattan

Dressing up for a Night in ManhattanFashion can be a fickle mistress to behold. Rules, guidelines, and suggestions, for that perfect look can be found almost everywhere. Yet, often elements are glossed over or misrepresented. Having the perfect dress or outfit, is only part of the equation for looking and feeling good. These aforementioned elements, are the ones that can make or break an outfit, when the desire is to stand out in the crowd and be noticed.

Shoes, shoes, shoes, are the most often element that is glossed over. The right heels with the right dress may seem intuitive but in reality it is not. For a night out, the first consideration should be comfort. Spending a night dancing in the club in high heels may sound like a good idea, but after the first hour or so the feet will let a person know. An individual should consider what the plans are for the evening first. Only then should the right shoes be connected to the right outfit. Being uncomfortable shows, therefore, it is best help the feet feel good, as they will have to support a person an entire evening.

Another accessory that might seem intuitive in choosing, is the necklace. Choosing the right necklace depends on the neckline of the outfit. The shorter the neckline, the shorter the necklace should be. The necklace is the central nexus of an ensemble. The right necklace can focus the eye, while the wrong necklace will attract an eye, but not in the correct manner. The shape and composition of the necklace should also be taken into consideration. A pendant in a tear drop shape would work better on a longer dress than a shorter one, for example.

Earrings are the unsung heroes of accessories. Going for the matching look is great if the necklace and earrings are part of a matching set. However, it is better to proceed with a complementary look than a matching look on many occasions. Each accessory should be an expression of individuality instead of conformity. When separate accessories are complementary they are combining to create the look instead of just being a copy of a look.

As with earrings and the necklace, rings and bracelets should also be complementary. They should in turn complement earrings and the necklace. This forms a complete look while still projecting individuality. There are many great jewelry stores, both brick and mortar and online, that can help with finding the right complementary accessory. One such example is laurenbjewelry.com

Accessories such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets and the like, combined with the proper footwear, will not only create the look but will enhance it as well. Complementary wear is the way to generate that stunning outfit, while still expressing an individuality that stands out in a crowd.