Summer Time Is Tick Time

23423211The summer months means people will be spending lots of time outdoors. That’s because it’s finally time to do those activities that so many of us had to neglect during those long, and cold winter months. There’s a large variety of them too! Some people missed getting out their and tending to a garden. Others missed simply spending time outdoors. Then there’s the adventurous ones that missed their activities such as hiking, going for walks in the woods, or orienteering. All these activities vary from each other, but they do have one thing in common. Ticks. Ticks can come from almost anywhere, and that’s why it is very important to be prepared.

A lot of people don’t recognize what a tick is, and what it does. That’s what is so scary. These bugs are highly dangerous because they can carry Lyme disease and they can make certain types of the population more prone to getting deathly ill. Ticks are particularly dangerous for the very young, and the elderly. If you live in a home that has those types of people, then you especially want to take precaution. There’s no such thing as being too safe when it comes to tick prevention and removal. One great way to do that is by implementing tick control. Now, you may be one of those people saying “I don’t need to do that!” “I’ve never had a tick come on me!” It’s naive to think that way, because ticks can travel far and wide.

All it takes is one person. If someone went hiking or went into an especially wooded person, a tick could latch on. That tick could easily move from them to you, and start the scary process of potentially spreading a disease. Ticks are notorious for latching on to animals. Therefore, tick control is also important for those who have pets that roam freely outside. They can bring these back into the house, without an owner ever noticing.

It’s hard to constantly be searching the body or ticks. A lot of times people forget, or they have that notion that it won’t happen to them. Ticks are also notorious for blending in, and hiding. They’re not the biggest creature, and they are dark. Therefore they can be hard to spot especially if a person is wearing dark clothing or has dark hair. That brings me to my other points, ticks can hide in places we don’t normally check like a persons head, or their back of their neck.

Overall, it’s important to stay cautious and take measures to keep you and your family safe. You never know where you may find a tick, and that’s the scary part. They are dangerous, and they should be gotten rid of immediately.